Why people hire The Mighty Ants

The Mighty Ants has built its reputation by sticking to a few key values; these have imbued every project, every client relationship, every proposal we’ve written.

We believe in big ideas

We’re dreamers, we love to think big, think creatively, and bring the most high-flying ideas to life. We’ve built a mobile experience center that pops out of a tractor trailer, iPhone applications that solve the minutia of cross-country moving, and have helped start-ups like VocabSushi and Patient Communicator launch new and innovative products.

We get the job done, and do it right, no matter what.

When Oncor needed a 1,000 square foot mobile experience center—complete with multimedia, touch screen kiosks, and a jumbotron—in just six weeks, we said “no problem.” We’ve stayed up all night, we’ve flown cross-country on a day’s notice, we’ve answered emails and fixed servers while on a honeymoon; our commitment to excellence, and the user experience, is paramount and we stand by the quality of our work and our service.

We understand users, and put them first

We are user experience fanatics, and we strive to create resonance between our clients and their customers. With resonance comes customer loyalty, improved results and smoother operations. We start every project by asking who we’re communicating with and what they want to see. We break through institutional silos to help your organization better organize its messages. We believe in usability, in an accessible web, and in bridging devices, social networks, and geographies.

We know what we’re talking about

We are technologists and designers, writers and marketing professionals. We don’t have sales people; the people you talk to are the ones leading the project. We don’t exaggerate our abilities, we don’t promise the impossible, and we try very very hard to avoid technobabble and senseless jargon. We offer simple solutions that fit the need, we don’t shoehorn clients into ill-fitting software. We may dream big, but we’re grounded too—grounded about available technologies, our clients capability to sustain a project, and about the real-world cost to develop and maintain our offerings. We provide an honest assessment and recommendation every time we open our mouths.

Flexible and Responsive

You put together a great plan with a very doable budget. You were flexible and extremely responsive.Most importantly, we saw a significant jump in our sales through the first six weeks after launching the site!

Jim Sturm, EVP, QBMI PhotoMedicine

Clean, Intuitive Designs

They're able to translate their extraordinary understanding of technology and user experience directly into meaningful collaborations with teams of all backgrounds. The result is clean, intuitive design that elevates the user experience.

Lori Williams, Interactive Data