Mobile Websites & Mobile App Development

No one denies the explosion of the mobile web, but so few organizations have stopped to consider how to take advantage of it. The Mighty Ants is a firm believer in a touch-driven future, and we continue to explore how ubiquitous handheld-computers can be used in any almost any business or nonprofit.

iPhone Apps and HTML5 Apps

We build mobile apps. iOS is our favorite environment but we’re not strangers to Android. We apply the same approach of user-centered design and innovative programming to mobile development as we do for web projects. And in many cases, the technologies blend, because an organization doesn’t need an app to go mobile; mobile-friendly applications can be baked right into their websites. In either case, The Mighty Ants helps our clients choose the methods that match their operations, budget and goals.

A Wider Mobile Strategy

Our approach is not to merely build an application and release it to the wild. We want to help our clients consider how using mobile devices can improve their bottom line, from servicing customers to selling products. In some cases we may not even build an app, while in others, the apps we build are one part of a huge interactive experience.

The point is never to build something just because it’s a hot trend; instead, we advocate using the right technology for specific goals, and help our clients define, scope and reach for the innovations that will do the most for them.

Work Examples

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