Interactive Experience Design

Communication is more than words, it can be a visceral experience as well. People learn by seeing, hearing, touching and doing as much as they do through reading and watching.

The Mighty Ants knows the ins and outs of designing a successful experience, whether that’s an international training excursion, an experience-on-wheels, or an interactive kiosk at the mall. Together with our construction and equipment partners, we’ve installed amazing projects that take consumer adoption and understanding to all new levels.

Digital Signage

TMA believes signage is more than paper; and while our biggest dreams extend beyond available technologies, we’re getting there quickly. Digital signage doesn’t have to be expensive, thanks to dedicated hardware like the Spinetix player and ready-made monitors or touch screens. TMA knows how to storyboard, write, design and implement your digital signage needs in a way that is easy to install and maintain.

Interactive Kiosks

We believe information should be tailored to each individual customer. Giving customers the ability to provide instant feedback through touch screens and adaptive programming means more loyal and better informed consumers. Let your customers drive their own experiences, whether it’s shopping via an iPad or learning about your new initiatives.

Travel Experiences

Even before we were TMA, our managing director was crafting international travel experiences to conduct leadership training with 25 high school and college students each summer. We know how to craft the story, the lessons, the interviews and hands-on training all while coordinating group travel across borders.

Experience Centers

Your customers can learn by experiencing your message first hand. Whether you take it to them in a mobile trailer of any size, or if they come to your office or special installation, we’ve built visceral stories that successfully resonate with thousands of consumers in highly specialized markets.

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