Creative Communications

We specialize in communications strategy, design and management for small and medium-sized budgets. And when combined with our interactive practice, TMA’s communications recommendations pack an effective punch.

We have a diverse background that spans the realms of branding, print design, annual reports and public relations. We are not a design or advertising agency - we see ourselves as strategic partners for our clients. We come alongside them to develop plans that fit their culture and budget. We’re more than thinkers - we execute our recommendations and can help manage ongoing programs.

TMA is unique because of our innate focus on the customer; we apply the same customer-first philosophy to our communications strategies as in our interactive designs. We create resonance with customers by helping our clients engage with them rather than shout at them.

We’ve developed a variety of projects in many different categories, some are highlighted below, but we’re keen on fulfilling any exciting idea our clients may bring to us.

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