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The Mighty Ants developed the technology that powers education startup

VocabSushi LogoIt always starts with an idea, the "what if?" question. For example, what if students could learn vocabulary with real-world examples, not just flash cards? When SAT tutor Jeff Novich started using the daily newspaper with his students, he found it vastly more effective than traditional methods. He turned to The Mighty Ants to help take his idea and turn it into a viable online startup.

VocabSushi scans thousands of news articles a day, pulling sentences containing words found on standardized tests. Students study those sentences, read full articles, and play games using this real-world source material, which reinforces a practical understanding of vocabulary. VocabSushi tailors itself to each student's skill level, growing with them as they improve and can handle more difficult words.

The Mighty Ants helped plan VocabSushi's functionality and feature set, design the site, and developed the technology that powers it. As the company grew, TMA continued to help develop new products that expanded the platform for schools, parents, tutors, and eventually mobile apps. We worked on strategy, advertising, and customer service initiatives. The educational press loved VocabSushi when it hit the scene and in 2009, the service won a Standard of Excellence WebAward.

It starts with an idea. At The Mighty Ants, we love ideas and we love making them a reality. VocabSushi's idea was a way to improve student's learning. For whatever big idea comes next, TMA is ready to help.

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TMA worked on strategic planning, design, and technology for VocabSushi.
VocabSushi's powerful system adapts to each student's individual progress.
Games use real-world contextual examples of vocabulary usage.