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The Mighty Ants' Strategic Planning Helps Companies Save Time and Money When Creating a New Website

You know what they say about failing to plan. TWC Logo The Washington Center is the oldest and largest educational internships organization in the country. For decades they have brought students to Washington, D.C., to intern in the halls of power and learn what it takes to be a leader today. To prepare for the next several decades they called one of our partners who developed a beautiful brand, but their website was lagging. The Mighty Ants was called to help organize TWC's website revitalization efforts.

Our task was not to build a website. Instead, we were asked to help TWC figure out what they wanted and needed in one of their most important marketing channels. We interviewed nearly everyone in the organization across more than a dozen different departments. We listened for common goals and struggles. We sifted through market demographics and highlighted the most important pieces of information. And then we made them a plan.

The Mighty Ants is very good at organizing information, if we do say so ourselves. We took a thousand pieces of data and turned it into a story. We drew connections, created a whole new way of looking at TWC's message, and emerged with an Information Architecture that bridged many divides.

We then took it one step further and created wireframes. Boxes and arrows are high concept, but most people need to see something in order to understand. So we developed a sketch of our vision for TWC. The wireframes are not final, but they help the group connect with and discuss the ideas. After a day-long seminar, we reached consensus and every department was happy with the direction. We wrote the RFP for other firms and advised TWC on what they should look for.

As launch day neared, we returned to help them organize their content. In the end, we wrote over 700 pages of content and helped establish the standard for their corporate voice. Now, they have a website they are proud of, and it's one that reflects the credibility and high quality that The Washington Center is known for.

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An extensive information architecture maps out the relationship between every bit of information the organization needs to share.
We use wireframes to visualize ideas and show how the site will look and function.
The completed website. TMA led the project to write over 700 pages of content.