World Class Brand Development on Small Business Budgets

QBMI Logo The smaller an organization, the more important its brand. Innovation is at the heart of small business, but success is not without challenges. Budgets are small, and every dollar must pack the greatest possible punch. Effective messaging, clear communications, and a professional brand are essential if a small organization is going to be taken seriously.

QBMI PhotoMedicine sells a revolutionary device that uses the power in light to relieve chronic pain. The devices were developed with NASA and studied for two decades at universities around the world, and have been FDA-cleared for sale to the public. What QBMI needed, though, was a credible brand and easy to understand message.

The Mighty Ants specializes in organizing information, writing clear copy for multiple audiences, and developing brand strategies that suit the organization. For QBMI, we created a visual identity that emerged from the technology's core scientific principle. We helped organize their message for multiple audiences, setting them apart as the authoritative source on light therapy as a practice. We wrote all their website copy and key marketing messages, distilled from myriad pages of scientific jargon and dense research materials.

And our work hasn't ended with a website. We continue to help QBMI get their message out through email campaigns and printed collateral. They are a small business with a big idea, and we're excited to help them get the most out of every last marketing dollar.

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TMA developed the logo and overall identity scheme along with a complete website.
We wrote the content, distilling myriad pages of scientific jargon into consumer-friendly prose.