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You Don't Need a Technical Co-Founder To Launch a Business, Just a Good Development Partner

Patient Communicator Logo Get to market faster with a strong development partner.

Many new companies need to launch something quickly, but ramping up an internal programming team is expensive; recruiting a technical cofounder is time-consuming and difficult. When Patient Communicator needed to launch its flagship product, they leveraged The Mighty Ants as their strategic development team.

The Patient Communicator platform provides small medical practices a more efficient way to handle routine patient requests. So much time and energy is spent just fielding phone calls and answering emails, that fewer patients can be seen and employee costs rise. Meanwhile patients are left waiting and soon everyone gets frustrated. Patient Communicator makes it easier for patients to manage their healthcare and interact with their doctor:

  • Patients can see when the doctor is available and request appointments that fit everyone's schedule.
  • Requesting prescription refills is a breeze, with most of the important information already on file.
  • Secure messaging lets doctors and patients exchange important information like lab reports and personal requests.
  • Automated reminders invite patients back in for routine check-ups, keeping them healthy and improving practice revenue.
  • Dashboard views show doctors the state of their practice at a glance.

Moreover, TMA built Patient Communicator to be scalable and secure, allowing the company to easily sell to new practices and get them up and running quickly, while remaining compliant with important government regulations. Better than some off-the-shelf product, Patient Communicator is customized to the world of small community physicians, with a user experience geared to doctors' unique needs and patients' varying skill levels.

Overall, Patient Communicator has been a hit with doctors and patients alike and continues to build momentum. By partnering with The Mighty Ants, they got the ball rolling quickly and at a fraction of the cost of hiring internal teams or giving up equity.

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The system guides patients in user-friendly step-by-step screens.
Routine tasks like appointments and prescription refills are streamlined for doctors.
Doctors get dashboard views to see key information at a glance.
Patient profiles include a patient's complete history for easy reference.
The system provides doctors key statistics on patients overall activity.