Experiences make messages meaningful

Oncor Logo Communication is more than words. Let audiences see, touch, & interact with your message. Interactive environments have a unique ability to drive a point home, to make it personal and real for an audience in ways that websites, brochures, and advertisements simply can't match. Oncor, the electric utility of North Texas, knew this, and have repeatedly turned to The Mighty Ants and our partners to design and implement amazing experiential programs.

It began in 2008 when Oncor began installing a new generation of smart meters in homes throughout their district. For customers, the meters mean better service, faster response time, cheaper bills, lower energy usage, and much more; but it also required a small additional monthly fee for the next several years. To help their customers understand the many benefits the new meters would bring, Oncor wanted a way to take their messages to the towns and people they served.

The Mobile Experience Center (MEC) was born. It's a semi tractor trailer that expands into 1,000 square foot interactive multimedia space. Through videos, touch-screen applications, and real-world demonstration of energy-efficient appliances, the Center, now in its second generation, makes the potential tangible.

There are no gimmicks. No fancy messaging. No smoke and mirrors. The MEC is simple a real-world demonstration of what Texans are going to get with their new meters. And when consumers leave, any skepticism is washed away. The most common question asked was simply, "When can I get my new meter?"

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The MEC trailer pops out on both sides into a 1,000 multimedia center. It allows Oncor to take its message directly to its customers rather than wait for them to read a brochure or website.
Customers are greeted in a bright and friendly atmosphere, and guided through a journey of learning about smart energy usage and how the new meters will benefit their daily lives.
Touch screens are installed throughout the MEC, giving consumers an interactive learning environment.
A mock kitchen, living room and office demonstrate how the future electrical grid and smart meters will interact with smart appliances to save energy.